Petit Trianon

Dorothea Seel (traverse flute), Isolde Hayer (violoncello) and Florian Birsak (Cembalo and fortepiano) are three successful young musicians who have come together in order to find new paths in their interpretation from late baroque up until early romantical music.

Their common basis is their long experience with authentic performance techniques as well as the use of historic instruments. All three can look back to an intensive artistic career in different specialised ensembles for baroque and classical music.

The Petit Trianon in Versailles, which is one of the earliest classical buildings in the history of architecture, inspired the ensemble's name. This little pleasure palace which was originally intended for Madame de Pompadour and which was eventually completed for Madame Dubarry in 1768 mirrors an ideal of clarity which also coined the music of this era. Marie-Antoinette made Petit Trianon into her favourite place and used it as a refuge from court life a purpose which was aided by its hidden location in a fabulous English garden.

The ensemble Petit Trianon brings together three entirely different instruments: wind, string and key instruments: this alone ensures a colourful and multi-layered sound experience. There are numerous pieces and composers which are waiting to be re-discovered and which deserve this instrumentation.
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Petit Trianon